You Are Not Your Past

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You are not your past.  This is your season to live and not hide behind your salty tears.  So often in life, you may hide behind hurt words or shameful acts that hinder your growth or spiritual walk.  In this season,  I believe that God’s calling you to operate on a higher level.  He’s calling me and you to live beyond hurt words, empty promises, or illusions that are holding me and you hostage as I’ve spoken about in my YouTube video below.

I vividly remember the first day I found out I was becoming a mom for the first time at sixteen.  My tears consumed me like raging water that broke free from a vulnerable dam.   My heart ached.  My throat became so enlarged as if I had swallowed an entire apple.  I felt numbed.  I couldn’t move.  I was young.  I was ashamed.

For the longest time, people talked about me.  My classmates, community members, and church members spoke negatively about my condition as if I was the first person ever to have a baby out of wedlock. Through all the negative talk, I distinctively recalled wanting to hear positive words of encouragement, but instead, I was left feeling ostracized.

As I continuously grow in my Christian walk today,  I often think of that difficult time in my life.  I think about the power of words…my words…my actions.  I  contemplate how those very words tarnished my heart, broke bonds and stripped me bare without ever touching me.

Daily, I think about the number of people that suffer from SHAME because they secretively live in the past.  Today, I understand the power of setting myself free. It’s refreshing not living the lies of others.  I won’t lie.  Freedom comes at a price, and sometimes that price is walking away from negative people who attempt to hold you “emotionally hostage” concerning your past.

Therefore, as you read these words, understand that God loves you so much because He is not a ‘respector of persons’. He validates His love to you daily.  He wants you to live a liberating life where you are no longer ashamed of who you are.  I did it and so can you.  How did I do it?  I started by implementing the following proactive strategies:

1.) I was honest with myself.

2.) I forgave myself.

3.) I learned how to love myself.

4.) I set healthy boundaries.

5.) I forgave those who hurt me.

6.) I live my truth.

7.) I pray daily.

8.) I laugh a lot.

9.) I meditate.

10.) I befriend positive people.

I hope these words minister to your heart.  Please share and comment. I always look forward to reading your replies. Or, if you like, drop me a personal message at

You are not your past,

Leslie a/k/a ShameNoMore

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Your Miracle Is Right Around the Corner

Around the corner

When I woke up this morning, I started to meditate.  I heard the small voice of God speaking. It’s amazing how God’s presence can change our perspective and change our entire day.  Not to get too personal, but as I was preparing breakfast this morning, I felt the visitation of God.  It was very strong.

First, God wants us to “COMMAND” our mornings. Take time to pray, meditate, exercise, journal, or self-reflect.  These strategies can help “set” the temperament for our entire day.  Daily, it’s imperative that we honor God by carving out time to converse with Him. When we fail to command our mornings by honoring God, distractions from the enemy can seep into our spirit causing physical and spiritual disruptions.  When we pray, we’re equipping ourselves to withstand the blows of the enemy.  Get rooted in the word when driving to work, while drinking coffee, or while sitting in bed aimlessly.  Every moment that we invite God in, we willfully build a spiritual bridge that allows us to tap into God’s purpose for our lives.  His word daily is food to our souls and nourishment for our bodies.

Next, God doesn’t want us to compromise.  We must stand strong, and we cannot compromise our well-being in this season.  Stay focus; stay mentally healthy; stress-free, and guilt-free. I must be honest; I use to compromise myself for the sake of fitting in with others.  But as I continually grow in Christ, God reminds me to stand on His word as a guide for my life as noted in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) where it is written that God has a plan for our lives.  It’s not to harm us, but these plans are to prosper us so that we’ll have hope as He guides and directs us into our future.  Therefore, we must stop compromising our peace.  Remember, God doesn’t function in dysfunction.  He’s a man of order. That’s why it’s important that we build a relationship with God and that we converse with Him daily as we “Command Our Mornings.”

Then, God wants us to trust HIM!!!  I believe that God’s building our FAITH in this season.  He’s building our faith with various test and trials.  Through these various test and trails, God is causing us to exercise our faith and depend totally on him.  For it is written in Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV), “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” 

Finally, God’s working a miracle in our lives.  Let’s stay strong and not sway from God when situations start to look weary.  Remember, God is watching during the test; he’s just quiet as He conducts an evaluation of our hearts and reactions to see if we’re walking by “faith” or walking by “sight”.



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Giving Birth to Big Dreams

IMG_20130427_223450The Thorns Within…: Giving Birth to Big Dreams

It’s been awhile since the last time I’ve written a post. As I’ve stood back and watch God move in my life, I’ve heard God say many times, “Ring the alarm because today is not the day to be quiet!” As Sisters Healing Against Mental Emotions™ (S.H.A.M.E.), it’s important that we stand up and ring the alarm because it’s your time to “BIRTH BIG DREAMS” with BRILLIANCE!

In my book The Thorns Within…I write, “As women, many of us have had a dream that couldn’t be birthed. We cried and sought ways to become pregnant in an effort to bring forth the vision, but in our attempts, the vision was broken. God had promised Abraham children that would become a great and mighty nation. Imagine being giving this type of information, only to not see the fruit of your loins quickly. As a believer of God, you would feel cheated and angry.” (p. 42) I go on to write, “…like Sarah in the Bible, how many of you have aborted your embryo only to be jealous of others who have labored through the process?” (p. 43)

If we’re honest with ourselves, many of us suffer from the spirit of jealousy because we fail to “push forth” our vision that God has impregnated us with days, weeks, or years ago. How much longer will we as entrepreneurs sit on our dream(s)? How much longer will we complain, roll our eyes at other women who’ve pulled themselves up from the ditches, who’s put forth the effort to excel, or who promote true SISTERHOOD?

Today is not the day to stop dreaming, wanting, or yearning for a better tomorrow. It’s not the day to stop being friends with someone because the “spirit of jealousy and truth” was too great for you to handle. As sisters, it’s imperative that we learn to wait on God, but most importantly, listen and heed to God’s words in the interim while He gives directions and purpose for our journey. ~ShameNoMore

Waiting is not a bad thing,


Source: The Thorns Within… by L.E.Brown


Be the Change That You Want to See: S.H.A.M.E.

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Romans 12: 2 (KJV) says, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Good Morning Change Agents,

Knowing who you are and who God has called you to be is a powerful tool.  When you allow others, things, and issues to distract who God has ordained you to be it only manifest hatred and SHAME within you.  Take time to hear from God.  Learn to embrace the real you.  Control the negative flow from your mouth, and don’t let every issue in life cripple your Godly purpose.

PUSH for your future is bright.  As a woman or man of God, you must understand that you’re a role model for your child/children.  When your child/children see you allow abusive behavior(s) in your life, when they see you speak negatively day in and day out, or when they see you accept failure without fighting back and gaining ground, you not only hurt yourself, but you’re hurting your future (AKA child/children) as well.