(RE)invention University ™

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(Re)invention University™

“Your (RE)invention Starts Now “

Be honest with yourself…it’s time for your life to change, and your TRANSFORMATION starts now!  I understand how it feels to walk around trying to figure out your next step but not anymore.  Let me help you develop your (RE)invention Playbook so you can navigate life easier.

If I can make a healthy comeback from teen parenthood, the shame of divorce, health crisis, and financial debacle— you can too.  The key to your TRANSFORMATION or RECOVERY is- perception.  How do you view your life? Where do you see yourself in Chapters 3, 4, 5, or 6 concerning your life?

Therefore, stop making excuses about why you can’t TRANSFORM your life and SHIFT to the next level.  This is your season to live life and live it more abundantly.  As your personal Transformation Discovery Coach™, allow me or one of my coaches to assist you in developing your (RE)invention Playbook™.

Please complete the form so we may assess your (RE)invention coaching needs.  Keep in mind that this form is a pre-assessment.  If we select you as a (RE)invention coaching candidate, a coach will contact you immediately.  Please answer all questions honestly.  Finally, in the COMMENT section of this form, please include the following information:

1.) Why are you seeking change?

2.) How did you hear about iAmShameNoMore™ or (Re)invention University™?

3.) How do you feel we can best serve your need(s)?

4.) Why are you seeking change now?

5.) What is your personal goal for “change” over the next 6 to 12 months?

6.) Have you ever participated in coaching services before?  Explain.

Thank you!

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