Feed Your Dream

Feed Your Dream

Your brilliance is necessary for this season.  This is your year to win. Don’t remain STUCK in a rut; FEED YOUR DREAM.  It’s time for you to STANDOUT and SHINE among the stars.

No longer will you sit on the sidelines trying to figure out success or where God wants you to be.  Your time is now; reap the benefits of walking in your godly purpose.  Get ready for exposure to greatness by feeding your dream as I’ve noted in this video posted earlier this month on YouTube.

Remember, stinking thinking gets you know where, but the power to TRANSFORM yourself well.  Remember, the only thing holding you back is your authority to elevate your thinking.  You are your best investment; invest in yourself by feeding your dream.  Start now by answering God’s call to your life.

I can’t express enough how much you are an investment to yourself in this season.  Invest in yourself and your godly purpose by activating these ten proactive habits:

1.) tap into your greatness

2.) learn to be authentic

3.) feed your dream

4.) let go of fear

5.) create a winner’s attitude

6.) learn to forgive

7.) embrace prayer, balance and meditation

8.) laugh more

9.) never stop living and learning

10.) exhibit an unwavering commitment to your success

Feed Your Dream and live the best you in 2015.  I believe in you. Now step out on faith and let’s do this.


Leslie E. Brown a/k/a ShameNoMore

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