Book Description The Thorns Within… by L. E. Brown

The Thorns Within…is an inspiring must read. It is motivating and sleek. It is honest, but yet it snaps a 21st century perspective of today’s woman and teenage girl. This book will keep every woman and young girl thinking, reading, and discussing with her Christian sisters and daughters about the true real world perspectives that correlates with the yester years of century old biblical women. The author discusses being a teenage mother and overcoming this ordeal when society frowns upon such a heinous act. She captives the emotionalism of working in an environment that is hostile and demoralizing where jealousy and envy sets the atmosphere for workplace culture, and as a woman of today, one has to pray in order to progress to the next Christian level. The Thorns Within… will cause you to start a book club or face your own personal issues with life. Every woman or teenage girl must read The Thorns Within…

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  1. I think this blog is something positive and that all women and girls can relate and grow from spiritually, mentally, and physically on their journey to success!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for liking my blog – I love what I have read so far of yours, especially the recent one on the ‘virtuous woman.’ This is a passage that has really helped me appreciate and acknowledge even more the great work God has done – no one is outside God’s love.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations and blessing so many!

  3. Miss Brown, you’re blog and book is hitting me at a good time. I’m planning a similar, yet different book myself. Thank you for providing much needed inspiration and motivation. 🙂

    • Thanks for your positive words. I’m glad that you’re finding my blog and book helpful. If you’d like, you can share my blog and book with other friends/family members as well. Oh, don’t forget to “follow” me so you can receive monthly updates because you’re a Sister Healing Against Mental Emotions. Remember, God is a healer & restorer, ~Shamenomore

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